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Are We Ready for the Reality of Tokenized Assets?

Standard Chartered's recent forecast that the tokenized Real World Asset (RWA) market might surge to $30.1 trillion by 2024 is expected to drive the crypto industry's ambition to tokenize various assets. With BlackRock leading this charge, a slowdown seems unlikely.

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The Future of Financial Markets Lies in Tokenized Real World Assets

```html According to a new estimate, total tokenized market capitalization could reach around $2 trillion by 2030. This projection underscores the tremendous growth potential in this category and highlights the significant untapped potential in the asset class. While some critics

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Unlock High-Yield Stability with Cega Shark Bull on Ethereum and Arbitrum

The promise of guaranteed high yields with downside protection is often a red flag when navigating a sea of DeFi app marketing speak. Yields are often exaggerated while risks get buried. It's easy to promote sky-high APRs when you print

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Why Tokenized Real Estate May Not Be the Future of DeFi

The ability to mint money—whether through traditional bank loans or via crypto leverage and new tokens—is crucial for funding growth and innovation. Stablecoins, the most liquid and widely adopted onchain real-world assets (RWAs), are increasingly forming the backbone of DeFi,

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How Blockchain and RWAs are Revolutionizing Trade Finance

The global trade finance market is projected to nearly double its 2022 valuation, reaching an estimated $87.81 billion by 2031. Despite this growth, trade finance remains expensive, opaque, and complex. However, integrating blockchain technology into this market offers a promising

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Solanas Pumpfun Hack Nobody Seems to Care

Solana's Exploit Raises Eyebrows but Hardly a Fuss Solana’s highest-grossing protocol,, was exploited for nearly $2 million. Despite the significant loss, reactions have been surprisingly muted. The exploit involved a rogue employee using their admin privileges to withdraw

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