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What Explosive Secrets Are Hidden Behind the Latest NFT Scandal

The Southern District of New York has filed new charges related to a cryptocurrency fraud case. The US district court, in collaboration with the FBI, unsealed an indictment Thursday against three UK nationals for a fraudulent NFT scheme. Mohamed-Amin Atcha,

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Why Ronaldo Keeps Releasing NFTs Despite a Billion-Dollar Lawsuit

Soccer megastar Cristiano Ronaldo released another set of NFTs on Binance this week, marking his fourth collection since partnering with Binance in mid-2022. The NFTs give holders the chance to meet Ronaldo and provide access to exclusive content, according to

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CryptoPunks Controversy NFT Expansion Sparks Online Outrage

A CryptoPunks-inspired digital avatar collection created by New York-based painter Nina Chanel Abney recently went on display. The renowned NFT collection highlighted its use of 3D technology to enhance the visual experience of Abney’s art through the Punk lens. As

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Is Dolce and Gabbana’s NFT Venture Falling Apart in the Metaverse?

Web3 Watch: Naked in the Metaverse Dolce & Gabbana Faces Lawsuit Over NFTs A new crypto-related lawsuit has emerged in the Southern District of New York courthouse. A California resident, Luke Brown, is leading a class action lawsuit against luxury

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How Did Motoko Sentinels Thrive in a Plunging Ordinal Market Post Bitcoin Halving

Motoko Sentinels Thrive Despite Diminished Ordinal Volume Post-Bitcoin Halving Motoko Sentinels, a fresh ordinal collection launched on Bioniq Marketplace, experienced an uptick in its trading volume after the Bitcoin halving, in spite of a substantial volume drop immediately following the

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Discover Why Yuga Labs CEO Admits to Losing Their Way in the Latest Company Shake-up

Restructuring at Yuga Labs: Layoffs and a Return to Crypto Roots In less than half a year since their last restructuring, Web3 gaming and NFT frontrunner, Yuga Labs made further cuts to its team this past Friday. The exact number

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