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Why Crypto Firms Lag Behind in Security and How They Can Catch Up

In the swiftly evolving blockchain landscape, theoretical concepts can rapidly transition into significant financial practices. A prime example of this trend is the recent uptick in potentially high-value applications of "real-world assets" (RWAs) on blockchains. After years as a conceptual

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The Hidden Flaws of Ethereum ETFs Nobody Talks About

Numbers don’t lie—spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have been beneficial for the market. The first day of trading in the US saw over $4.6 billion in volume. Within a month, bitcoin rose above $50,000 for the first time since the

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Could Biden’s Shift Spark a Major Bitcoin Surge

The Bitcoin, Ethereum, and broader crypto markets have experienced significant volatility this week due to developments in Washington. A pivotal vote is forthcoming, which could reshape the landscape for digital assets. Recently, a shift in the Democratic stance has been

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Crypto’s Dark Secret Farcaster’s Growth Amid Bot Controversy

Farcaster's recent funding raise comes with a clear goal: to increase daily active users (DAU). Tracking DAU in the crypto space is notoriously challenging. According to Farcaster founder Dan Romero, the platform, a social media protocol powering the crypto-native app

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Is the SEC Primed to Finally Approve ETH ETFs

The latest developments surrounding Ethereum ETFs have generated significant buzz in the crypto community. This morning, Fidelity amended its S-1 registration statement, notably removing staking language, hinting at ongoing communications between the SEC and ETF issuers. The SEC is reportedly

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Will Bitcoin Hit 100000 or Plunge Back Into Crypto Winter

Bitcoin's recent performance has captured the attention of investors, and many are speculating that it may be on the cusp of a significant breakout. Analysts are closely watching the charts for signs that could confirm this bullish sentiment. Key Indicators

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