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Is Coinbase the Key to Decentralized Finance Success

Coinbase stock is often seen as a proxy for crypto's overall success. However, pinpointing what "success" entails for the crypto space is more complex than just watching the price of Bitcoin rise. The true measure of success might be better

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Why Germanys Massive Bitcoin Liquidation is Captivating the Crypto World

Germany is making significant waves in the cryptocurrency market by liquidating a substantial portion of its seized bitcoin. This action follows the country's confiscation of approximately 50,000 BTC (valued at $2.86 billion) from the defunct piracy site, Movie2k. Currently, addresses

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Crypto Markets Midyear Performance Surprises and What to Watch Next

Welcome to the On the Margin Newsletter, where we take a closer look at the state of the crypto markets halfway through 2024. The first six months of the year have brought numerous developments, and the upcoming Federal Reserve rate

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Could ETH ETFs Surpass Bitcoin ETFs in Popularity

Ether ETFs are on the horizon and could launch later this month. While Bitcoin ETFs have seen significant success since their introduction, there is curiosity about how well Ether ETFs will perform. Bitwise's chief investment officer, Matt Hougan, suggests they

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Why Did Justin Sun Win Big Against Media Giants

TRON DAO welcomes an unprecedented victory by its founder Justin Sun in the People’s Court of China over a landmark defamation suit filed against the Chongqing Business Media Group (“the Media”). Per court order, the Media has removed all of

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How Solana Blinks Are Changing Crypto Transactions on X

This week, the Solana Foundation and Dialect unveiled Solana Actions and Blinks, allowing users to transact with crypto directly within X. Blinks resemble buttons or widgets, enabling users to buy crypto or NFTs seamlessly within their X feeds. For instance,

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